Main attractions of Hard Rock hotel Chicago New Year’s Eve 2014 event

New years eve chicago

Like every year, these days, people of Chicago are busy in preparing for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. As the year 2013 is coming to an end, almost everybody is eagerly waiting to bid goodbye to 3013 so that they can welcome the year 2014 with more enthusiasm and high spirits. People of Chicago are busy searching for New Year’s Eve party ideas. For most of the people, there are 2 main components that are essential for making the New Year’s Eve more special. These elements are good food and entertaining music. If you also believe this, then, hotel Hard Rock would be an ideal destination for celebrating the New Years’ eve. Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, hotel Hard Rock is known to attract musician, celebrities and various fans. This hotel offers excellent services and luxurious accommodation to its guests. Therefore, it is the perfect spot for many people to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. If you wish to make your celebrations more memorable and enjoyable, it is advisable to buy a ticket for Hard Rock hotel Chicago New Year’s Eve 2014 event so that you can say goodbye to the year 2013 in a more special manner.

There are many advantages of buying a ticket for the Hard Rock hotel Chicago New Year’s Eve 2014 event. One of the main advantages is that with a single ticket, you would be able to attend 3 parties. The 3 parties that you would have an access to with a single ticket for this event are:

Hard rock hotel chicago nye

• A complimentary pre-NYE party that will be at Sound Bar from 9:30 pm to 11 pm and will have hosted cocktail reception facility.
• The main NYE party.
• A complimentary post-NYE party that will continue until 4 am.

Apart from this advantage, there are many other exciting things that you would be able to enjoy if you will buy a ticket for this event. In the NYE 2014 Party of hotel Hard Rock in Chicago, there would be various entertaining performances by DJ Summer Altice, DJ Rex, DJ Maurice Halsted and DJ KvonB. For making the party more thrilling, there would be 4 hour top shelf hosted cocktail reception where specialized drinks will be served such as martinis, imports and wine. Before buying a ticket for this event, make sure that your age is above 21 years as people below 21 are not allowed in the party.